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Stylespace is a platform that connects users with expert stylists for 1-on-1 video styling sessions in the areas of clothing, hair, makeup, and skincare styling. The goal of the platform is to help users elevate their style, simplify getting ready, and save time and money.

In terms of clothing styling, users can learn about the best ways to dress for their body type and discover ways to transform their look. For hair styling, users can receive advice for any occasion, try new hairstyles, and find their next cut. For makeup and skincare, users can get tailored advice, master their favorite looks, and learn about skincare products.

The process for using involves booking a one-on-one style session with a stylist in the desired area of expertise. Users will then connect with their stylist via video call to receive personalized style coaching. After the session, users will receive style notes summarizing the session with product recommendations and key style takeaways.

Overall, aims to help users improve their style and confidence while providing a convenient and personalized experience through the use of expert stylists and technology.


As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) on the project, I was responsible for a range of tasks that helped ensure the success of the project. My responsibilities included creating and scoping tickets to ensure that all aspects of the project were covered and that we stayed on track with our goals. Additionally, I was tasked with leading a small team, which included delegating tasks, providing guidance and support, and overseeing the team's progress to ensure that we met our milestones on time.

In addition to these leadership duties, I also performed some minor UI/UX design work, which involved collaborating with our designers to develop and refine the user interface and experience. However, my primary responsibility was handling frontend development, which involved writing, testing, and debugging code to create a seamless and functional frontend for the platform.

Overall, my role as CTO was multifaceted, and I worked closely with various teams and stakeholders to ensure that the project was completed successfully and met our goals and objectives.


The frontend of the project was built using React, Next.js, and Styled components. The backend was built using Python and Django and PostgreSQL. The project was deployed using Vercel and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

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