This project involved the development of a simple utility tool that enables users to check the compliance of their third-party dependencies. The tool is easy to use and open source, with active community support and support for multiple programming languages, including Javascript (NPM and Yarn), Python (Pipenv), and Java (Maven). Additionally, the project included an enterprise-level cloud-based CI platform that allows for professional-level license audits with zero infrastructure or maintenance required.


As the sole developer of the project, my responsibilities included developing the simple utility tool from the ground up and creating an efficient and effective architecture that allowed for seamless integration with third-party dependencies. Additionally, I was tasked with designing and implementing various UX/UI features, ensuring that the platform was user-friendly and intuitive for all users. Throughout the project, I had the opportunity to work with a cloud-based CI platform and leverage its capabilities to facilitate more professional-level license audits, without requiring extensive infrastructure or maintenance.


To develop this project, I made use of a combination of cutting-edge frameworks such as React and Next.js, as well as powerful technologies like the Google Firebase stack and Vercel serverless architecture. Additionally, we incorporated API integrations with both GitHub and GitLab, further enhancing the functionality and capabilities of the application.

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The source code is licensed under MIT license and available at @webscopeio/