Langotalk represents a groundbreaking approach to language learning through its innovative AI-driven platform. This app provides users with a stress-free and enjoyable space to engage in conversations, both written and spoken, in their desired language. It boasts a diverse array of AI Bots that facilitate natural conversations, offering real-time corrections to enhance users' language proficiency.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, Langotalk offers a personalized learning experience tailored to individual preferences. It adapts to users' proficiency levels, preferred learning styles, and interests, ensuring an engaging and effective language learning journey.

The app's mission is clear: to transform language learning by harnessing the power of AI. By delivering a personalized and engaging platform, Langotalk aims to empower users on their language learning journey, fostering an environment that makes learning enjoyable and fulfilling.


As the primary developer for Langotalk, my responsibilities encompassed crucial aspects of the project's development and expansion. I took charge of upgrading the web MVP with authentication and database synchronization, led the adaptation of the platform to iOS and Android versions, and architectured the backend system. Additionally, I implemented CI/CD pipelines to automate development workflows. My role involved collaborative efforts and support, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly language learning experience for Langotalk's users across multiple platforms.


Langotalk's technological framework encompasses various advanced tools and platforms. OpenAI's API forms the core of its AI-driven language learning features. The web frontend is built using Next.js, while the backend utilizes TRPC for efficient TypeScript-based API development. For the native mobile experience on iOS and Android, React Native powers the app's development.

The entire codebase is managed within a monorepo structure, facilitated and supported by Vercel, ensuring a unified and streamlined development environment. Firebase is integrated into Langotalk's architecture, providing a robust backend infrastructure, real-time database capabilities, and authentication services. Additionally, Google Cloud services contribute to the app's scalability and reliability, complementing Langotalk's tech stack for a comprehensive and seamless language learning experience.

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